PizzaOven pizza

Pizza ovens make your patio perfect

 By Kathryn Weber If it's not at the top of the list, it's in the top five of Americans' all-time favorite foods. It's pizza, and we can't get enough of it. Loved by adults and kids alike, pizza is the ultimate comfort food. It's quick, portable and has tomato sauce and stringy, melted cheese. What's not to love about pizza? If you're tired of ordering out and waiting for the delivery … [Read the full article...]


7 counter attacks to clear clutter in the kitchen

By Kathryn Weber The kitchen is the busiest room in the house, the most used and the one room that everyone interacts with every day. It's also the room that is often the most cluttered. Because there's usually more horizontal space, lots of things find their way onto the counters until the surface almost disappears. If that describes your kitchen, you'll be glad to know you can make a … [Read the full article...]

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Tackle spring cleaning with this handy checklist

By Kathryn Weber Even if cleaning isn't your thing, you have to admit nothing ever feels as good as when the house has had a good purge and a deep clean. You feel lighter and the house seems easier to live in. That's the reward for all that hard work. Use this list to get some serious spring cleaning done and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with it. Do a thorough purge. Before cleaning, do … [Read the full article...]

living wall

Living walls offer visual interest, natural beauty indoors or out

By Kathryn Weber Plants are one of the most overlooked decorative accents in the home. But one thing's for sure: Living walls -- large vertical displays of green and/or flowering plants -- can't be ignored. A living wall instantly provides a touch of natural beauty and an attractive focal point for a room or outdoor space. Of course, plants also offer a great way to improve indoor air … [Read the full article...]

change kitchen linens

Give your dishes, glassware and table linens a makeover

By Kathryn Weber We may repaint, recover and renovate -- but then we still use the same old napkins, placemats and dishes in our refreshed dining rooms and kitchens. A few careful switches can help you create a new look that will have you and your guests dining in style. During the holiday season, as entertaining hits its peak, you have more selection at better prices than any other time of the … [Read the full article...]

restful bedroom

Explore restful, relaxing color palettes for your bedroom

By Kathryn Weber It's the room where you spend the most time. Granted, most of that time is spent sleeping, but at the end of a long, tiring day, you want a pleasant retreat. A soothing bedroom can recharge the body and lift your spirits. Picking the right color combinations is the best and easiest way to create a relaxing, restful bedroom you'll love. There's little argument when it comes … [Read the full article...]

Basil is easy to grow and inexpensive to buy. Plant an herb garden this year and save money and give your food more flavor!

Green “swaps” will make for a cleaner, healthier home this spring

By Kathryn Weber After what could arguably be called the "winter from hell," it will be nice to open the windows again and welcome the light and warmth of spring. To get into the swing of things, why not make some green swaps around your home? They're not hard and don't require drastic changes, but are good for both your home - and the world. HOUSE AND YARD Get your green thumb back … [Read the full article...]

Feng shui-infused decorating might help you become pregnant

Feng shui-infused decorating might help you become pregnant

By Kathryn Weber If you're trying to conceive and it's not working, this can be not only stressful and heartbreaking, but also expensive. In vitro fertility treatments, for example, can cost thousands of dollars, with no guarantee of success. But some inexpensive re-decorating might just do the trick. Using the principles of feng shui, the ancient Chinese body of knowledge revealing how to … [Read the full article...]

As spring dawns, avoid bringing allergens in the house

As spring dawns, avoid bringing allergens in the house

By Kathryn Weber As spring approaches, trees and plants will start to bloom, officially kicking off the allergy season! If you have asthma or allergies, this time of year can be both welcomed and feared. Sure, the weather's nicer, but if you're sneezing all the time or struggling to breathe, it's hard to enjoy it. Luckily, you can take steps to reduce the pollen and allergens in your … [Read the full article...]

9 ways to go green for St. Patrick's Day

9 ways to go green for St. Patrick’s Day

Americans love to celebrate holidays from other countries -- especially those of countries that are the ancestral homes of many U.S. citizens. St. Patrick's Day may the top of the list of such beloved celebrations. But you don't have to have a grandmother from the Emerald Isle to appreciate this festive holiday. Give your home an Irish touch with these decorating tips: 1. Go green in florals. … [Read the full article...]

Keep your house cleaner by parking shoes at the door

Keep your house cleaner by parking shoes at the door

By Kathryn Weber If you could do one simple thing to have a cleaner house, carpets that look like new, and less bacteria in your home, would you do it? All you have to do it remove your shoes before coming into the house. Growing custom More and more Americans are making a habit of kicking off their shoes at the door. The is common practice in Hawaii as a way to keep sand out of the … [Read the full article...]